SB 0124 Changes in local planning & zoning provisions
Committee:AGRILR Number:S0428.02I
Last Action:01/18/95 - Hearing Conducted S Agriculture & Local Government Committee
Effective Date:August 28, 1995
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Current Bill Summary

SB 124 - This act provides county commissions and local legislative bodies with the authority to hear and decide appeals involving allegations that an error in law has been made in the enforcement of any county regulation or order. Individuals with property interests who are aggrieved by a commission decision may petition the circuit court for relief.

The act also provides for the appointment of three alternate members who will serve in the absence or disqualification of the regular members of a county board of zoning adjustment. In addition, the reimbursement for attending meetings of the board is raised to a maximum of $20, from $10. The number of allowable meetings is increased from four per year to two per month.

New language is added pertaining to exclusionary zoning and to widening roads in the event certain land is annexed into a city.

New provisions which pertain to elections and annexations, to delineating the area to be annexed and to furnishing normal municipal services within two years of an unincorporated city, town or village becoming an incorporated city are added.

Some provisions of this act are similar to SB 467 of 1994.