SB 0104 Requires proof of auto insurance at registration
Committee:TRANLR Number:S0530.01I
Last Action:02/14/95 - SCS Voted Do Pass w/SCS/SB 104, 53, 128 & 273
Title:SCS/SB 104, 53, 128 & 273
Effective Date:August 28, 1995
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Current Bill Summary

SCS/SBs 104, 53, 128 & 273 - This act makes changes to the requirements for financial responsibility for motor vehicles.

REGISTRATION - An insurance card or other evidence of financial responsibility is required at the time of annual vehicle registration. An affidavit and warning replace the statement that financial responsibility will be maintained. 30 days' notice of the proof requirement must be given to vehicle owners.

DRIVERS FOUND W/O INSURANCE - Peace officers need not have a reason to stop vehicles other than to check for insurance. Drivers without properly registered vehicles must still meet the insurance requirements. Drivers in accidents involving only physical damages can avoid a suspension and the filing of proof of insurance for 3 years by paying for all damages within 60 days. Drivers who allow insurance to lapse for less than 60 days will be suspended but will not have to file proof of insurance for 3 years. Reinstatement fees are lowered to $20.

MISCELLANEOUS - 30 more days are allowed (for a total of 120 days) for certain administrative hearing decisions. People cancelling insurance must notify the Department of Revenue and file new evidence of insurance. No local regulation of motor vehicle financial responsibility can be more strict than the state's. The requirement for uninsured motorist coverage is removed.