SB 0082 Opens access to adoption records & sets adoption priority
Committee:JUDILR Number:S0210.01I
Last Action:02/22/95 - Voted Do Not Pass S Judiciary Committee
Effective Date:August 28, 1995
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Current Bill Summary

SB 82 - This act opens access to adoption records and grants grandparents preference and first consideration for adoption placement of their grandchildren. This act also removes the section of adoption law which denies courts the jurisdiction to stop continuing contact between the adopted child and the biological parent, at the discretion of the adoptive parent, if the adopted child has a distinct memory of the biological parents.

This act defines an adopted adult, an adult sibling, and a biological parent for the purpose of adoption laws. Nonidentifying information about children and grandchildren may be made available in the same manner it is made available to parents and siblings. Biological parents, adult grandchildren and adult siblings may request the disclosure of identifying information in the same manner as an adopted adult.

Information will not be released to a minor, unless the release of such information is in the minor's best interest and the adoptive parents authorize the release of the information.

The Division of Family Services will establish procedures so that medical history information is made part of the adoption file. Nonidentifiable information shall be made available to adoptive parents, adopted adults and other who can establish good cause to have access to the information.