SB 0066 The Boll Weevil Suppression Eradication Act
Committee:AGRILR Number:L0035.09T
Last Action:07/05/95 - Signed by Governor
Title:CCS/HS/SB 66
Effective Date:August 28, 1995
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Current Bill Summary

CCS/HS/SB 66 - This act authorizes the Department of Agriculture to establish a boll weevil eradication program. The Department may cooperate with any federal or state agency or other person involved in cotton production to implement the program. The Department may inspect cotton fields, processing facilities and other premises, as necessary, to carry out its duties. Every person growing cotton shall furnish such information as the Department requires.

The Department shall certify a cotton growers' organization for the purpose of entering into agreements with the federal and state governments and other parties as may be necessary. The organization's Board of Directors shall consist of two Missouri cotton growers recommended by the Department, three growers recommended by the largest general farm organization in the state, three growers recommended by the largest cotton producer organization in the state and one representative of state government recommended by the Department. All members shall be appointed by the Governor and shall serve three year terms following the initial staggered terms.

At the request of the organization, the Department shall authorize a statewide referendum among cotton growers concerning an assessment to offset costs associated with the eradication program. Such assessment shall be levied if at least 2/3 of those growers voting approve the assessment. Any grower who fails to pay any authorized assessment shall be subject to a per- acre penalty established by the Department.