SB 0062 Initiative or referendum petitions
Committee:ELECLR Number:S0159.01I
Last Action:01/18/95 - Hearing Conducted S Elections, Pensions & Veterans' Affairs Com.
Effective Date:August 28, 1995
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Current Bill Summary

SB 62 - The act requires that each page of an initiative or referendum petition contain a notice in 18 point type (1/4 inch) when the circulator is being paid to circulate petitions. The notice shall indicate the amount of such payment per signature.

The act also clarifies the method used to withdraw signatures from petitions. Section 116.110, RSMo, currently allows signatures to be withdrawn up until the petition is certified by the Secretary of State. But in 1982, the Missouri Supreme Court found that petitions cannot be withdrawn after the date when the petitions must be submitted to the Secretary of State (four months before the election). The act allows the withdrawal of signatures until the petition is submitted to the Secretary of State. It also requires petition circulators to give each signer a card notifying him/her of his/her right to withdraw the signature at the local election authority (Board of Elections/County Clerk).