SB 0046 Law enforcement records
Committee:JUDILR Number:S0481.04P
Last Action:03/29/95 - Motion to reconsider Third Reading Vote (Defeated)
Title:SCS/SB 46
Effective Date:August 28, 1995
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Current Bill Summary

SCS/SB 46 - This act requires law enforcement agencies to keep records of incident and investigative reports. All incident reports are public records, including incident reports made pursuant to a 911 emergency call, unless a portion of such a report is likely to create a danger to an individual or investigation if made public. An individual involved in an incident may request that the law enforcement agency release those records to him. However, the agency may petition the court to keep such records closed if opening the records would create a danger to an individual or investigation. Incident reports are defined as the reports containing the immediate facts and circumstances about the crime.

All law enforcement agencies shall maintain a daily log that lists suspected crimes, accidents or complaints. This will include requests made of the agency and the agency's response to those requests. Incident report information available to the public shall include: 1) the date, time and location of the occurrence; 2) the name and age of any victim who is not a victim of a sex crime; 3) the factual circumstances; and 4) a general description of any injuries, property or weapons involved.

See Truly Agreed To SCS/HB 135.