SB 0008 Certain changes to powers of Missouri Gaming Commission
Committee:WAMELR Number:L0432.06C
Last Action:05/04/95 - HCS Reported Do Pass H Ways & Means Committee
Effective Date:August 28, 1995
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Current Bill Summary

HCS/SS/SCS/SB 8 - This act clarifies a number of provisions of the bingo and riverboat gambling law.

(1) The Missouri Gaming Commission is given the authority to directly enter into contracts with private entities to provide specialized services that the Commission needs from time to time to conduct investigations and monitor sophisticated gaming equipment.

(2) This act clarifies the definition of bingo "hall provider" to include only those who lease premises to bingo organizations. A "manufacturer" is one who produces any bingo equipment for sale in the state.

(3) The bingo license fees are made nonrefundable. Any organization obtaining more than two special bingo licenses during any calendar year shall file an annual report.

(4) Any use of funds over the actual costs of conducting a bingo game which are not used for lawful, charitable, religious or philanthropic purposes of the organization shall be punishable as a Class D felony. Loans of bingo proceeds not otherwise provided for by statute is treated as a Class C misdemeanor.

(5) The actual cost of conducting a bingo game shall also include the actual cost of providing reasonable janitorial services not in excess of fair market value and the fair market value cost of advertising each bingo occasion.

(6) No person shall participate in the management, conduct or operation of a bingo game unless that person has been a member of the licensed organization for the six months preceding the participation in the operation of any bingo game and volunteers the time and service necessary to operate the game.

(7) Only a licensed organization may advertise a bingo occasion if such expenditures for advertising do not exceed 5% of the funds expended for charitable purposes.

(8) A vending machine may be used to sell pull-tab cards.

(9) Only Missouri licensed bingo hall providers shall lease premises to licensed bingo organizations for the purpose of conducting bingo games.

(10) The supplier may retain 2% of the pull-tab tax.

(11) A gambling excursion shall be between one and two hours long.

(12) The hearing process for games of skill is also repealed.

(13) Continuous boarding of excursion gambling boats shall be allowed after sunset until dawn, and passengers shall comply with the loss limits.

(14) Wagering by a person under 21 on an excursion gambling boat a Class C misdemeanor.

(15) The "Gaming Commission Fund" may now be used to fund any administrative costs of the Commission. Currently, the fund may only be spent on administrative costs relating to excursion gambling boat operations.

(16) No more than $2M shall be used annually to fund scholarships and financial assistance.

(17) Licensed gaming activities are exempted from the civil cause of action for losses resulting from gaming activities.