HJR 031 Fund Created to Maintain/Repair/Renovate State Facilities
Sponsor:LUMPE Handling House Bill:MAXWELL
Committee:FINA LR Number:S1554.02C
Last Action:05/15/95 - 001 S Calendar H Bills for Third Reading w/SCS (In BC)
Title:SCS/HJR 31
Effective Date:Indefinite
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Current Bill Summary

SCS/HJR 31 - This joint resolution, if approved by the voters, would create the "Facilities Maintenance Reserve Fund" within the State Treasury. The fund is designed to provide a continuing source of funds for the maintenance and repair of state buildings.

The resolution requires that one-tenth of one percent of general revenue (approximately $50 M) be placed in the fund in 1997 and the amount would be increased by one-tenth of one percent until the amount transferred equals one percent of general revenue. Thereafter one percent would be transferred into the fund annually.

Moneys in the fund would be available for appropriation for the maintenance, repair and renovation of state buildings.

This joint resolution is almost identical to SJR 24. RONALD J. LEONE