HJR 024 "The Safe Streets Act" (Juvenile Offenders)
Sponsor:MURRAY Handling House Bill:MOSELEY
Committee:AGMH LR Number:S0957.07P
Last Action:05/15/95 - 008 S Calendar H Bills for Third Reading w/SCS (In BC)
Title:SCS/HJR 24
Effective Date:Indefinite
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Current Bill Summary

SCS/HJR 24 - This proposed constitutional amendment, "The Safe Streets and Productive Living Act", if passed by the General Assembly and approved by the voters, would establish a one-eighth of one percent sales tax to be split between juvenile offender detention, intervention and prevention and quality of care programs for the elderly. The sales tax would become effective January 1, 1997. Moneys derived from the sales tax would be deposited in the "Get the Juvenile Offender Off The Streets Fund" and the "Productive Living Fund".

Moneys in the funds would be appropriated by the General Assembly to the Division of Youth Services of the Department of Social Services for purposes specified in the joint resolution which may include the building of two boys' homes one in metropolitan St. Louis and one in the Kansas City metropolitan area and to the Division of Aging of the Department of Social Services for the purposes specified in the joint resolution.