HJR 017 Relating to the Executive Department
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Committee:GOVO LR Number:L0046.01I
Last Action:01/24/95 - Referred H Governmental Organization & Review Committee
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HJR017 Witt, Gary et al


HJR 17 -- Regulatory Review Commission

This amendment to the state constitution creates the State Regulatory Review Commission. The commission will be responsible for review of all state rules and regulations promulgated by state agencies and published in the code of state regulations. The review will contain a cost and benefit analysis of each rule as it affects the state and local governments and a determination if the rule promulgation was within the agency's statutory authority. The commission will also be responsible for preparing a report to the General Assembly each year listing the commission's recommendations for elimination of cost prohibitive rules. Procedures for action of the General Assembly to eliminate rules as recommended by the commission are outlined in the amendment. The commission will also be responsible for examining duplicative rules and investigating the possible reorganization and combination of state agencies to more efficiently regulate various activities and simplify compliance by the private sector.

The amendment provides for the composition of the commission, outlines employment of commission staff, and provides procedures for review of existing state rules. The commission will expire on July 1, 2002.

In addition, the amendment also permanently establishes the Joint Committee on Administrative Rules, sets its composition, and outlines procedures for carrying out its duties.