HJR 001 Relating to Education
Sponsor:RIZZO Handling House Bill:
Committee:EESC LR Number:L0501.01I
Last Action:01/12/95 - Referred H Education-Elementary & Secondary Committee
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HCR 28 - Relating to Audits. HJR001 Rizzo, Henry C


HJR 1 -- School Choice

This proposed constitutional amendment grants annual, nontaxable, scholarships to all school-age Missouri children. The scholarships can be no less than one-half of the annual average amount of state and local expenditures per public school student (approximately $3,000 for the current fiscal year).

The scholarships can be used to pay all or part of the cost of education at schools that elect to redeem scholarships. Both public and private schools can become eligible to redeem scholarships by filing a statement with the State Board of Education indicating the school's adherence to certain principles of nondiscrimination and lawful conduct.

The resolution requires public school districts to allocate enrollment among schools based upon parental choice. Public schools that do not redeem scholarships, after completing all district enrollments, must accept students regardless of their residence until they meet their capacity. The schools may count these non-resident students for state aid purposes.

The resolution prohibits the General Assembly from enacting regulations applicable to private schools without approval of three-fourths of its members, except that regulations related to safety and fraud may be enacted by a two-thirds vote. The General Assembly is directed to develop and implement a process through which public schools may become independent, scholarship redeeming institutions that operate under regulations no more restrictive than those applicable to private schools that redeem scholarships.

The resolution requires legal challenges to any provision of the amendment to be initiated within 6 months of the effective date of the amendment. After 6 months have elapsed, the provisions of the amendment can only be challenged based upon their application.