HB 0722 Relating to Junior College Districts
Sponsor:O'NEILL Handling House Bill:
Committee:HEDC LR Number:L1598.01I
Last Action:03/06/95 - Referred H Education - Higher Committee
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HB0722 O'Neill, Matt


HB 722 -- Junior College Districts

Currently, in any junior college district containing St. Louis City, if 4 subdstricts are established, at least one must be within the city, and if 5 or 6 subdistricts are established, then at least 2 must be within the city. This bill deletes this provision and requires the district's board of trustrees to adopt a resolution which establishes a redistricting committee. This committee is to adopt a redistricting plan for establishing 6 subdistricts of comparable population and contiguous to one another. One of the subdistricts must be entirely within St. Louis City, and the remainder of the city must be part of one other subdistrict. The 6 subdistricts are to be revised following publication of the decennial census. These provisions are effective within 30 days of the effective date of the bill.

This bill contains an emergency clause.