HB 0715 Relating to Compensation of Certain County Officers
Sponsor:LAKIN Handling House Bill:
Committee:FEES LR Number:L1647.01I
Last Action:03/01/95 - Referred H Fees and Salaries Committee
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HB0715 Lakin, Scott Cooper, Bonnie Sue et al


HB 715 -- County Officers' Salaries

Co-Sponsors: Lakin, Cooper

This bill establishes that all county officers will receive the same percentage increase or decrease in salary based on the maximum allowable compensation for their particular office. The salaries for county commissioners will be determined in the same manner that the salary commission determines salaries for all other county officers. If all county officers are receiving 100% of the maximum allowable compensation, the salary commission may vote to increase the compensation of all county officers, expressing the increase as a percentage of the maximum allowable compensation. Maximum allowable compensation is defined as the highest compensation that the salary commission can set for its officers in any given year, based on the assessed valuation of the county.

In any first class nonchartered county, the salary of the public administrator will be determined in the same manner that the salary of the recorder of deeds, clerk, auditor, presiding commissioner, collector, treasurer, and assessor is determined. Associate commissioners will earn $2,000 less than the presiding commissioner in annual compensation.

Language explicitly dictating the process by which county commissions will reimburse county commissioners for certain travel expenses, which a county commission is not required to do, is removed.

The public administrator is added to the salary commission of a first class county.