HB 0710 Relating to Voter Registration Procedures
Sponsor:KLUMB Handling House Bill:
Committee:ELCM LR Number:L1082.01I
Last Action:03/01/95 - Referred H Elections Committee
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HB0710 Klumb, Jason O


HB 710 -- Voter Registration

This bill adds "qualifying educational institutions" to those agencies and offices authorized to provide voter registration materials and services under the National Voter Registration Act of 1993. The bill defines qualifying educational institution as an institution of higher education which receives state financial aid, which has as a primary mission providing education, and which presently has over 200 students 18 or older. Students will be given the opportunity to register to vote at the time they enroll or register for classes or at other appropriate times. Additionally, the institution will provide a student with an application to request an absentee ballot.

Students will be allowed to vote at the qualifying institution upon completion of an application form prescribed in the bill. Institutions will establish a central depository for students' absentee ballots which will be conveyed to the appropriate election authority. A polling place will be located at each qualifying institution.