HB 0679 Relating to the Reduction of Property Tax Levies
Sponsor:AKIN Handling House Bill:
Committee:GOVO LR Number:L1593.01I
Last Action:02/28/95 - Referred H Governmental Organization and Review Committee
Effective Date:
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HB0679 Akin, W. Todd


HB 679 -- Property Tax Levies

This bill allows registered voters of any political subdivision to petition for reduction of any property tax levy in their political subdivision. The petition must contain the name, address and signature of petitioners numbering at least 10% of the total votes cast at the last election for directors of the political subdivision together with the level of reduction of the tax levy and the signature of the person circulating the petition. Once the petition is properly completed, the county clerk or election authority will place the question on the ballot at the next regularly scheduled election.

If the majority of the votes cast are in favor of the reduction, the tax levy will be reduced beginning on the second taxable year after the date of the election.