HB 0678 Relating to Certain Educational Programs
Sponsor:EDWARDS Handling House Bill:
Committee:EESC LR Number:L1300.04I
Last Action:02/28/95 - Referred H Education - Elementary and Secondary Committee
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HB0678 Edwards, Marilyn A. Froelker, James V. et al


HB 678 -- School Curriculum

Co-Sponsors: Edwards, Froelker

This bill repeals several sections of the Outstanding Schools Act and reauthorizes the tuition reimbursement program for school district personnel, a program originally established under the Excellence in Education Act of 1985.

Among the provisions repealed by the bill are those that established the statewide school and student assessment program and the process by which academically deficient schools would be audited. Under the bill the State Board of Education will adopt academic standards which are to comprise no more than 50% of a school's curriculum and will be designated as core knowledge levels with specific content in history, geography, mathematics, science, language arts, and fine arts and are to be used as guidelines for student progress. The core knowledge guidelines will not be mandates for school districts. Furthermore local districts may select their own educational objectives, curriculum, and teaching materials according to what they deem appropriate to fit the needs of the community. The bill limits the state's authority to the publishing of an evaluation of the educational performance of the school.

Funds formerly designated for statewide areas of critical need, including state management teams in academically deficient schools, for grants for resources to districts which are failing to achieve assessment standards, for site-based decision making information, for implementing recommended curriculum frameworks, training in new assessment techniques, and for other programs for at-risk students are redirected to fund tuition reimbursement. Tuition reimbursement is available for all school district principals, instructional supervisors, classroom teachers, and other certified personnel in an amount equal to the rate charged at Missouri public colleges and universities for successful completion of a credit course, with a grade of A or B, in the area of certification in which the school personnel is employed.