HB 0646 Relating to Compensation for Employees of Juvenile Court
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Committee:FEES LR Number:L1366.01I
Last Action:02/20/95 - Referred H Fees & Salaries Committee
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HB0646 Tate, Phil


HB 646 -- Juvenile Court Employee Compensation

This bill increases the pay of certain juvenile court employees in all districts that do not include a first class county or the city of St. Louis, and gradually shifts the responsibility of payment from the counties to the state. By July 1, 1998, the state will be paying the salaries of all juvenile court employees in these counties. An employee who had been earning a higher salary than that mandated by the state will continue to receive the higher salary. The circuit courts will assume responsibility for the disciplining and dismissal of these employees. The employees will become members of the state retirement system (MOSERS). The employees will receive an annual salary increase of $1,200 for the completion of 20 hours of optional accredited training each year.

This bill also permits courts to charge an additional fee of $2 for a court proceeding involving any violation of the criminal laws of the state, including infractions, or violations of county or municipal ordinances. The $2 fee will not be collected for nonmoving traffic violations, violations of fish and game regulations, or any proceeding in which the defendant or proceeding is dismissed by the court. The revenue collected from these fees will be deposited into the Juvenile Court Commission Fund.