HB 0638 Relating to Child Labor
Sponsor:MCLUCKIE Handling House Bill:
Committee:CHYF LR Number:L1488.01I
Last Action:02/20/95 - Referred H Children, Youth and Families Comm.
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HB0638 McLuckie, Steve


HB 638 -- Child Labor

The bill makes entities which violate the child labor laws civilly liable for violation of the laws. The fine for each violation is more than $50 but less than $1,000 per day. Fines collected will be deposited in a Child Labor Enforcement Fund created by the bill. The fund is dedicated to the Division of Labor Standards for investigation and enforcement of child labor laws.

The bill allows children under the age of 16 to work in the entertainment industry if the child has a work permit issued by the Department of Labor and Industrial Relations. Work permits are allowed if the department receives: proof of the child's age; written consent of the child's parent and school principal; a written statement from a physician stating that the child is in good mental and physical health and that the labor performed will not injure the child's mental or physical health; and a written statement from the prospective employer explaining what the child will do and the number of hours the child will work.

The bill also regulates the working conditions of children under 16 working in the entertainment industry. These include:

regulating the number of hours a child can work; regulating when a child can work; requiring nurses to be present when children under 6 months are working; requiring the parent or parents' designee to be present when the child is working; requiring the employer to designate an individual to coordinate matters concerning the child's welfare; requiring the employer to provide the child with a suitable place of rest and play; prohibiting the child from performing stunts without consent of the child's parent; and prohibiting the child from working in dangerous situations.