HB 0595 Relating to Animal Protection
Sponsor:SCHEVE Handling House Bill:
Committee:PHSC LR Number:L1169.01I
Last Action:02/13/95 - Referred H Public Health and Safety Committee
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HB0595 Scheve, May


HB 595 -- Animal Control Officers

This bill authorizes certain officials to protect and care for abused and neglected animals. Authorized officials may lawfully enter into any area or building where an animal has been neglected.

When the building is a residence or a business, entry needs to be with a warrant. Authorized officials are not liable for property damage during entry. They are only liable for willful damage to property. Notice of entry must be made by posting the official notification with the date and time in an entrance or conspicuous place where the animal is confined. A copy of this section will be left with a waterproof covering.

If care is not provided by someone other than the authorized official, then within 72 hours of the notice the animal will be presumed abandoned if life or health is endangered and may be impounded. Impounded animals are placed in the care or custody of a veterinarian, animal control authority, or animal shelter. The animals are held for 5 business days. After that time the animal may be (1) humanely killed in applicable circumstances; or (2) Put up for adoption.

The word "animal" means a companion animal which includes but is not limited to pets.