HB 0591 Relating to the Treatment of Juvenile Offenders
Sponsor:HOSMER Handling House Bill:
Committee:STCI LR Number:L1465.01I
Last Action:02/13/95 - Referred H Science, Technology & Critical Issues Comm.
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HB0591 Hosmer, Craig May, Brian H. et al


HB 591 -- Reporting and Suspending Juveniles

This bill creates reporting requirements for juvenile officers and school officials under these circumstances:

(1) The juvenile officer must notify the superintendent of the school district when the child is taken into custody for an offense which would be considered a felony if committed by an adult. The notice must be timely made orally and in writing. The timeliness requirement is met when notice is given prior to the return of the student to school or within 5 days, whichever is shorter. The notice must include a complete description of the alleged conduct, the dates the conduct occurred, and the name of the victim;

(2) When a pupil, parent, or guardian of a pupil has allegedly committed an assault in the first, second, or third degree, sexual assault, or deviate sexual assault against another pupil or school employee, the principal must immediately report the incident to the police and the school superintendent;

(3) When a pupil possesses controlled substances or weapons, the principal must immediately report the incident to the police and the superintendent:

(4) When a teacher is aware of an assault, or a student in possession of a weapon or unlawful drugs, the teacher must immediately report the incident to the principal.

The bill's reporting requirements do not apply to offenses committed by kindergarten to third grade students. Also, school employees or officials who report these incidents are not held civilly liable.

The bill also allows the school board after notice and a hearing to suspend a pupil who has been charged, convicted, or pled guilty to a felony. And the bill changes the maximum time that a superintendent may suspend a student from 90 days to 180 days.