HB 0574 Repeals Outdated Boards and Commissions
Sponsor:CANUTESON Handling House Bill:QUICK
Committee:FINA LR Number:L1378.03T
Last Action:06/27/95 - Signed by Governor
Title:SCS/HCS/HB 574
Effective Date:August 28, 1995
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Current Bill Summary

SCS/HCS/HB 574 - This act, similar to SB 423, repeals the following:

1. Missouri Commission on Interstate Cooperation (Chapter 16);

2. Missouri Commission on Local government (Chapter 17);

3. State Reorganization Commission (Sen. Danner's bill; was to have reported by April 1994) (Chapter 21);

4. The Missouri Desegregation Task Force and the Interstate Compact of Desegregation (Chapter 160);

5. The Missouri Business and Education Partnership Commission (authority to act expired in 1993; Chapter 186);

6. Advisory Committees within the Department of Social Services: High Risk Obstetrical Patient Advisory Committee; High Risk Pediatric Patient Advisory Committee; Facilities and Special Services Committee (Chapter 189);

7. DOH advisory panel on hospital internships; a program authorizing the use of state funds to enhance family practice training programs; the Coordinating Council for Health Education of Missouri's Children and Adolescents (Chapter 191);

8. A nursing homes standards advisory task force (Chapter 198);

9. An advisory panel on crippled children within DOSS (Chapter 201);

10. Several bridge commissions for bridges which were never built over the Mississippi (Chapter 226, 234);

11. The Governor's Council on Community Affairs (Chapter 250);

12. The solid waste Source Reduction Advisory Board (Chapter 260);

13. The Governor's Advisory Council on Employment Security (Chapter 288);

14. A task force on interstate air transportation (Chapter 305);

15. The Advisory Commission on Insurance Regulation (Chapter 374);

16. A task force to study the effectiveness of medical malpractice insurance associations (Chapter 383);

17. The Interstate Mining Commission (Chapter 444);

18. The Mining Practices Advisory Council (Chapter 444);

19. The Public Telecommunications Interconnection Authority in DED (Chapter 620);

20. The Productivity Institute within DED (Chapter 620);

21. The Missouri Rail Facility Improvement Authority (Chapter 620);

22. The International Economic Development Exchange Program (Chapter 620);

23. The State Advisory Council on Client Affairs, DMH (Chapter 630);

24. The Missouri Coal Commission (Section 640.275); and

25. The Missouri Child Care Development Act, the Missouri Child Care Development Program, the Missouri Child Care Development Fund, the Missouri Child Care Advisory Committee, and the Missouri Indigent Health Care Study (Chapter 660).

The Kansas City Police Department may be audited by the state or city auditor. The city auditor must provide notice to the Board of Police Commissioners regarding which police agencies or divisions would most benefit from performance auditing. The city auditor shall conduct the audit in such a way as to not disrupt or interfere with police business, the public's safety, or the normal course of the city auditor's duties or responsibilities.

The Horse Racing Commission is reassigned to the Gaming Commission. The Compensation of the members of the Savings and Loan Commission is reduced from $100 to $50 per day. RONALD J. LEONE