HB 0565 Relating to Sewage & Storm Water Facility Improvement Dists.
Sponsor:SCHILLING Handling House Bill:
Committee:LOGO LR Number:L1184.01I
Last Action:02/13/95 - Referred H Local Government & Related Matters Comm.
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HB0565 Schilling, Mike Kreider, Jim et al


HB 565 -- Sewage and Storm Water Facility Districts

Co-Sponsors: Schilling and Kreider

This bill allows first class counties to establish or improve a sewage or storm water facility improvement district. The governing body of the county can create an improvement district upon the approval of four-sevenths of the voters at the general municipal election, primary, or general election; or by two-- thirds of the voters at all other elections. In lieu of an election, the governing body can create a district upon receipt of a petition signed by the owners of two-thirds of the property within the proposed district. The election notice or petition will describe the proposed improvement, estimated cost, the boundaries of the proposed district to be assessed, and the method of assessment, and will include a statement that the final cost of the improvement assessed against property within the district will not exceed the estimate by more than 25%.

Assessments can only be levied upon approval by the voters of the district or upon submission of a petition signed by the owners of two-thirds of the property within the district. The portion of the cost of any improvements to be assessed against property in the district will be in accordance with the benefits the property receives due to the improvement. The proposed assessment roll will be discussed at a public hearing. At this point, every owner of property made liable to pay the assessments will receive notice from the county clerk regarding the cost proposed to be assessed against the owner's property, and will be given a chance at the hearing to offer objections to the proposal and suggest improvements. Following the hearing, the governing body may make adjustments to the proposed improvements and assessments and then will order that the improvement be made.

The governing body of the county can incur indebtedness and issue temporary notes and general obligation bonds to pay for the improvements of the district. The total indebtedness a county may incur for these improvements will not exceed 10% of the assessed value of all taxable property within the county. The property owner can pay the assessment charges in full or in annual installments.