HB 0531 Relating to Insurance Policy Coverage for Certain Drugs
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Committee:INSC LR Number:L0870.05C
Last Action:04/04/95 - HCS Reported Do Pass H Insurance Committee
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HB0531 Troupe, Charles Quincy


HB 531 -- Insurance Coverage for Certain Drugs

The bill prohibits insurers and similar entities from denying coverage of a drug based on the Food and Drug Administration's (FDA's) non-approval for an illness, if the drug is recognized as effective for treating the illness by the Department of Insurance or in the United States Pharmacopeia Drug Information, the American Medical Association Drug Evaluations, the American Hospital Formulary Service Drug Information, or other medical literature. Insurers and similar entities are not required to cover experimental drugs that the FDA has not approved for any use or drugs that the FDA has determined could be harmful.

In addition, the bill requires the Department of Insurance to establish a 7-member panel to advise the department on whether a drug should be covered. The panel is required to have 3 oncologists, 2 AIDS specialists, one heart disease specialist, and one general practitioner.