HB 0528 Relating to Local Building Codes
Sponsor:BOUCHER Handling House Bill:
Committee:LABO LR Number:L0687.05C
Last Action:05/15/95 - H Calendar H Bills for Perfection w/HCS
Effective Date:
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HB0528 Boucher, Bill Green, Timothy P


HB 528 -- Local Building Codes

Co-Sponsors: Boucher, Green

This bill requires every county to have enacted and to enforce a building code by August 28, 1997. The building code must be reasonably consistent with one of three nationally recognized model building codes. Any political subdivision which already has a building code may elect to retain its code and enforcement authority, and remain separate from the rest of the county. Any county may contract with any other county or political subdivision in the administration and enforcement of a building code. Counties or political subdivisions may adopt ordinances prescribing fines for violations of their building code. The bill exempts individually owned agricultural buildings that are not residences.

Any county may hold a public referendum on whether to exempt the county from the requirements of the bill.