HB 0489 Relating to Commercial Feed Law
Sponsor:WILLIAMS (159) Handling House Bill:
Committee:AGRB LR Number:L1250.02I
Last Action:02/06/95 - Referred H Agri-Business Committee
Effective Date:
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Current Bill Summary

HB0489 Williams, Marilyn A et al


HB 489 -- Commercial Feed Law

This bill revises the Missouri Commercial Feed Law. Changes from current law include:

(1) An annual $50 license fee is required of anyone who manufactures or distributes commercial feed in Missouri.

(2) Any person who acts as an independent consultant who provides animal nutritional formulation to a purchaser of feed for a fee is required to pay $50 annually.

(3) Commercial feed labels are required to bear certain information.

(4) Provisions for commercial feed to be considered adulterated are expanded.

(5) The current 10 cents per ton inspection fee paid on commercial feed is increased to 20 cents per ton.

(6) The current annual $25 fee for inspection of pet food packaged in bags of 10 pounds or less is increased to $50.

(7) An annual inspection fee of $25 per product, not to exceed $1,000 per manufacturer, will be collected on specialty pet food.