HB 0481 Relating to Fences
Sponsor:HEGEMAN Handling House Bill:
Committee:AGRC LR Number:L0634.01I
Last Action:03/16/95 - Reported Do Pass H Agriculture Comm. w/HCA's 1 & 2
Effective Date:
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HB0481 Hegeman, Daniel J. Kreider, Jim et al


HB 481 -- Fences

This bill requires all fields and enclosures in which livestock are kept to be enclosed by a hedge or lawful fence. A lawful fence is any fence consisting of posts and rails, palings, wire, boards or palisades, stone or brick, at least 4 feet high, which is mutually agreed upon by adjoining landowners or decided upon by the associate circuit court of the county. Fences composed of barbed wire must have posts not more than 15 feet apart with a stay or 12 feet apart with no stay and have 4 wires with the top wire 4 feet from the ground.

Upon complaint of a party claiming to be injured because of trespass or taking up of livestock, the associate circuit judge will appoint 3 disinterested householders of the township and require them to view the fence to determine its lawfulness for the court.

Remedies for disputes arising from construction or repair of a fence are provided in the bill.