HB 0452 Changes in Fire Protection District Laws
Sponsor:HECKEMEYER Handling House Bill:WIGGINS
Committee:WAME LR Number:S0693.08T
Last Action:06/27/95 - Signed by Governor
Title:SS/SCS/HCS/HB 452 et al
Effective Date:8/28/95/EC FOR
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Current Bill Summary

SS/SCS/HCS/HB 452, 203, 377, 472, 473, 556 & 647 - This act makes several changes in fire protection district laws:

TECHNICAL CODES - This act allows a city and county to incorporate certain technical codes by reference.

The definition of "community" is expanded to include "fire protection districts". "Fire protection district" is defined as any fire protection district in the state. The definition of "technical code" is expanded to include mechanical construction.

This section is from SB 203.

CENTRAL DISPATCHING FOR EMERGENCY SERVICES - The central dispatching board powers shall include the powers necessary to implement central dispatching for emergency services in the counties and municipalities.

ELECTION PROCEDURES - At the present time, to increase the number of directors on a fire protection district board from three members to five members, a majority vote of the board of directors is needed. This section requires approval of the voters of the district to increase director membership, and only allows the increase in St. Louis County to be because of a consolidation of existing districts.

Nominations for the board may only be filed at the headquarters of the fire protection district. The filing fee is raised from $5 to $10. (From SB 332)

POWERS OF THE BOARD - The board's powers are expanded to allow for a system similar to the procedure for traffic tickets. The board may adopt a specific ordinance to impose a fine of $500 or less. The accused may either pay the fine or appear in court. Failure to do either will result in prosecution in the circuit court.

CENTRAL FIRE AND EMERGENCY SERVICES BOARD - Extends the levy for establishing a joint central fire and emergency dispatching service, currently available only to St. Charles County, to all fire protection districts in the state.

DISSOLUTION OF A DISTRICT - If a fire protection district is dissolved, the fire protection levy shall continue to be collected and shall be distributed to the city formerly containing the dissolved fire district for the purpose of providing fire protection services within such city.

RECALL OF BOARD MEMBER - Board members of fire protection districts are subject to recall. A member subject to recall must have served at least 180 days, have at least 180 days left on his term and must not have been the subject of a recall during the term of office. Notice is filed with the election authority along with a 200 word statement supporting the recall effort and the board member may file a 200 word rebuttal. Also contained in CCS/SS#2/HCS/HBs 484, 199 & 72.

The petition must be signed by a number of residents which is at least 25% of the number voting in the most recent gubernatorial election. The election authority must certify a sufficient petition for the next available election and elections must be held between 45-120 days of certification.

FIRE PROTECTION SALES TAX - Upon voter approval, the Raytown fire protection district may impose a sales tax in an amount up to 1/4 of 1%. The Director of Revenue shall collect the sales tax and shall deposit the funds in the "Fire Protection District Sales Tax Trust Fund", which is hereby created.

FIRE EDUCATION FUND - This act would require 3% of the amount which exceeds the amount deposited in general revenue the previous fiscal year from the premium taxes levied on insurance companies, up to a maximum of $1.5M, be transferred to the "Fire Education Fund".

The "Missouri Fire Education Trust Fund" is established, and will be administered by a Board of Trustees consisting of the State Treasurer, two members from the Senate, two members from the House and two members to be appointed by the Governor, with the advice and consent of the Senate. The Fire Education Fund will transfer 40% of the amount the fund receives to the Missouri Fire Education Trust Fund.

The remaining amounts in the Fire Education Fund shall be distributed to the University of Missouri Fire & Rescue Training Institute. The Institute shall use the money to provide training and continuing education to firefighters in this state. The "Missouri Fire Education Commission" is established in the Division of Fire Safety within the Department of Public Safety, to determine which programs and activities qualify as recipients of funds expended by the Fire Education Fund.

This section is similar to SB 416.

GEOGRAPHICAL INFORMATION SYSTEM - This act will permit Kansas City to create a computer-based geographical information system.

The information collected by a community for use in a geographical information system shall not be withheld from the public, unless the information is properly made a closed record of the community.

A community may license the use of a geographical information system. Any community which distributes information used in a geographical information system shall not be liable for any damages arising from any error which may exist in the information or in the geographical information system.

This section is similar to HB 523 and is included in the CCS/SS/SCS/HS/HB 414.

MARION COUNTY EMERGENCY TELEPHONE SERVICE BOARD - Allows Marion County to establish an emergency telephone service board. The board shall have the powers necessary to implement a 911 service for Marion County.

Portions of this act are similar or identical to HCS/SB 297.