HB 0430 Establishing the Automobile Theft Prevention Fund
Sponsor:O'TOOLE Handling House Bill:
Committee:COPR LR Number:L1016.01I
Last Action:05/15/95 - H Calendar H Bills for Perfection
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HB0430 O'Toole, James P May, Brian H. et al


HB 430 -- Automobile Theft Prevention Fund

This bill creates within the Department of Public Safety an Automobile Theft Prevention Authority. The authority will have the powers enumerated in the bill to carry out it mission. An Automobile Theft Prevention Fund is created within the state treasury. The fund will consist of moneys transmitted into it by the authority from additional reinstatement fees of driving while intoxicated or with excessive blood alcohol content or the $1 fee created by this bill charged for each automobile insurance policy issued or renewed to residents of St. Louis City or any county of the first classification in this state. Money in the automobile theft prevention fund will be expended as follows: (1) to provide financial support to state or local law enforcement agencies for programs designed to reduce the incidence of economic automobile theft; and (2) to pay the necessary costs of administration of the authority. The authority must develop and implement a plan of operation, including an assessment of the scope of the problem of automobile theft, an analysis of various methods of combating the problem, a plan for providing financial support to combat automobile theft, and an estimate of the funds required to implement the plan.