HB 0422 Relating to Special License Plates
Sponsor:MCLUCKIE Handling House Bill:
Committee:MVTR LR Number:L0629.03I
Last Action:02/02/95 - Referred H Motor Vehicle & Traffic Regulations Comm.
Effective Date:
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HB0422 McLuckie, Steve


HB 422 -- Special License Plates

This bill allows the emblem depicting an aspect of conservation of the air, water or land resources on multiyear personalized license plates. To obtain this plate a person will have to apply to the Environmental Improvement and Energy Resources Authority for an emblem use authorization statement. The fee for this authorization is $25. This authorization statement must be presented to the Department of Revenue at the time of registration and payment of the required personalized license fee and regular registration fee. The department will then issue a personalized license plate bearing the emblem. Any revenue obtained from the authorization fee will be placed in the Conservation, Environmental, and Energy Education Fund newly created by the bill. Revenue in this fund will be used for activities and projects to further enhance the education of Missouri citizens relating to conservation, the environment, and energy.