HB 0421 Transfer of Capitol Police to DPS
Sponsor:BACKER Handling House Bill:DEPASCO
Committee:FINA LR Number:L1197.01T
Last Action:07/05/95 - Signed by Governor
Effective Date:August 28, 1995
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Current Bill Summary

HB 421 - This act revises the statutes to complete the transfer of authority for security in the Capital Complex from the Office of Administration to the Department of Public Safety. This transfer began with a memorandum of understanding signed in August 1993 and was implemented through a reorganization plan proposed by the Governor and submitted to the General Assembly in 1994.

The Director of the Department of Public Safety is authorized to appoint sufficient Capitol police officers to patrol the Capitol grounds, and to regulate traffic and parking on the Capitol grounds and the grounds of other state buildings within the Capital City and Cole County.

Each duly appointed Capitol police officer shall take and subscribe an oath of office. Each duly appointed Capitol police officer shall have the same arrest powers as other police officers in order to maintain order and preserve the peace. Similar provisions are contained in SCS/HCS/HB 622. RONALD J. LEONE