HB 0412 Transfer of Johnson County Property to the Veterans' Comm.
Sponsor:THOMSON (37) Handling House Bill:
Committee: LR Number:L0218.01I
Last Action:02/02/95 - Referred H Civil and Criminal Law
Effective Date:August 28, 1995
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HB0412 Thompson, Vernon et al


HB 412 -- Firearms Regulations

This bill adds the term "ammunition" to the definition section of weapons offenses.

The bill also requires any person who transfers any firearm or any ammunition to register with the Department of Public Safety. Similarly, wholesalers and retailers of firearms or ammunition must register and file an annual report with the department as a dealer, with an annual registration fee of $150. Also, registration and licensing of firearm manufacturers mandate a licensing fee of $250 for each manufacturing establishment. The bill requires all fees received by the department for the registration and licensing of ammunition and firearms dealer to be deposited in the Ammunition and Firearms Dealers Fees Fund. The money in the fund will be used for programs designed to combat youth delinquency and public safety only.