HB 0409 Div. of Aging to Inform People of MO Care Option Programs
Sponsor:STOKAN Handling House Bill:HOWARD
Committee:AGMH LR Number:L0826.01T
Last Action:07/06/95 - Signed by Governor
Title:CCS/HB 409
Effective Date:August 28, 1995
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Current Bill Summary

CCS/HB 409 - This act would require the Division of Aging to incorporate information about the Missouri Care Options Program into the Division's information and referral system as well as the clearinghouse of information which the Division keeps related to the needs and interests of elderly persons.

The Missouri Care Options Program screens individuals for Medicaid eligibility for long term care and informs individuals of the variety of care options available to them when they may need long term care. (HB 409).

The act would also require any long-term care facility defined in Section 660.600, RSMo, except residential care facilities I & II, defined in section 198.006, RSMo, to provide copies of documents which reflect the facility's evaluation of the quality of care to prospective clients, their families, or representatives. The facility may charge a reasonable amount for copies. Any long-term care facility which refuses to provide such documentation may be liable for damages in civil action. (SB 427).

The act would also allow the Department of Social Services to coordinate a program known as the Missouri Partnership for Long-Term Care. This program would allow an individual to purchase a precertified long-term care insurance policy with the knowledge that the amount of the long-term care insurance benefits payments shall not be considered as part of the individual's income when determining Medicaid eligibility, amount of Medicaid payment and any subsequent recovery attempts of payments for medical services.

However, any income generated from the long-term insurance policy could be considered by the Department in the determination of Medicaid eligibility, the amount of Medicaid payment and in subsequent recovery attempts of payments for medical services.

For the purpose of recovering any medical assistance paid on behalf of an individual who was allowed an asset or resource disregard based on such long-term care insurance policy, the definition of "estate" is expanded to include any other real or personal property and other assists in which the decedent had any legal title or interest. (SCS/SB 357).