HB 0370 Relating to the Department of Health
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Committee:JUDC LR Number:L0952.01I
Last Action:02/15/95 - Re-referred H Judiciary and Ethics Committee
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HB0370 Auer, Ron et al


HB 370 -- Peripregnancy Care

This bill proposes a state policy to reduce infant mortality while simultaneously giving a preference to childbirth over abortion. Peripregnancy services provide care to women around the time of pregnancy. Caregiver services available for all pregnant women include:

(1) Assistance and advocacy in obtaining support services such as prenatal care, adoption, employment, education, and housing;

(2) Access to prenatal care;

(3) Academic encouragement for minors;

(4) Mentoring services;

(5) Adoption services;

(6) Informing the client of the causes of infant mortality and the consequences of abortion;

(7) Early access to prenatal care and a discussion and removal of socioeconomic factors that prevent a client from seeking care;

(8) Involvement of the father or spouse, parents or guardians of minors, when needed.

Caregivers that support this policy will be approved. Certificates of training for caregivers last 2 years. Continuing education is supported by the Department of Health. The training fee for caregivers will not be greater that $70. It will be unlawful to misrepresent that one is qualified to give peripregnancy care services unless the training program of the department has been successfully completed.

Induced abortions are only permissible when a facility has offered peripregnancy care services and the client has a verification of receiving peripregnancy care services. Penalties for violation of these provisions are revocation of the licenses of the facility and the physician performing the abortion. Other legal remedies may be sought.

This bill also makes it unlawful for anyone with any economic interest in an abortion facility that includes employment, investment or contractual relations to act as a caregiver. Media awareness material to the general public will include dissemination of public service announcements to radio and television stations.