HB 0328 Relating to Certain Firemen's Retirement Systems
Sponsor:AUER Handling House Bill:
Committee:RETC LR Number:L0985.03I
Last Action:02/16/95 - Bill Combined w/HCS 260, 137 & 479
Title:HCS/HB 260, 137, 328 & 479
Effective Date:
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HB0328 Auer, Ron O'Toole, James P


HB 328 -- St. Louis Firemen's Retirement System

Co-Sponsors: Auer and O'Toole

This bill increases the mandatory retirement for St. Louis City firemen from an allowance of 70% to an allowance of 75% of their average final compensation. The service retirement allowance is the base 50% of the average final compensation, plus an amount which increases from 4% to 5% of the average final compensation for each additional year of service beyond 25 years. However, no service retirement allowance can exceed 75% of final compensation. A member may exceed 75% of the service retirement allowance with the accumulated sick leave to no more than 30 years of creditable service.