HB 0304 Relating to Motor Vehicle Safety Requirements
Sponsor:BOUCHER Handling House Bill:
Committee:MVTR LR Number:L0947.01I
Last Action:01/26/95 - Referred H Motor Vehicle & Traffic Regulations Committee
Effective Date:
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HB0304 Boucher, Bill


HB 304 -- Riding in the Bed of an Open Truck

This bill prohibits any person under the age of 16 from riding in an open or uncovered bed of a truck. The bill also prohibits any person from operating any truck when a person is riding in the open area or bed of a truck. The ridership will only apply when a truck is operated on the state highway system or within the corporate limits of any city. Ridership in an open or uncovered bed of a truck will not apply to: (1) an employee when his employment duties require such ridership; (2) any person engaged in the transportation of unprocessed agricultural products where it is necessary to ride in the open end or bed of the truck; (3) trucks while being operated in parades, caravans, or lawful exhibitions; or (4) a person who is secured to the truck in a manner which will prevent the person from being thrown, falling, or jumping from the truck.