HB 0295 Relating to Telecommunications Informational Technology
Sponsor:MAYS (50) Handling House Bill:
Committee:COPR LR Number:L0747.01I
Last Action:01/24/95 - Referred H Consumer Protection Committee
Effective Date:
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HB0295 Mays, Carol Jean et al


HB 295 -- State Information Systems

This bill establishes the Office of Telecommunications Management and the Technology Commission to better coordinate state information systems and increase public access to state data and services.

The Office of Telecommunications Management is created within the Office of Administration to coordinate and enhance all telecommunications systems, services, and ongoing technology initiatives affecting the management and operation of state government. The bill limits staffing within the office to 3 new state employees but permits the Commissioner of Administration to reassign existing staff to the office. The office is allowed to contract for services from appropriated funds.

The Office of Telecommunications Management will oversee the acquisition and utilization of all telecommunications equipment and systems employed by state government to encourage economical operation and compatibility. This oversight includes authority to approve or disapprove all procurement of state telecommunications systems and services. The office will also define state telecommunications specifications and protocols.

The bill directs the Office of Telecommunications Management to develop and promote telecommunications applications of state services such as distance learning, telemedicine, and economic development. All state agencies, including institutions of higher learning, the judicial system, and the General Assembly, are directed to cooperate with the office.

The Office of Telecommunications Management is directed to coordinate with the Technology Commission to ensure that public information and state services are available in a structure appropriate for promotion by the commission.

The bill creates the 10 member Technology Commission. The commission is directed to develop a telecommunications network that will provide subscribers access to the full range of state information and services facilitated by the Office of Telecommunications Management.

The commission is directed to employ and oversee a network manager to develop and operate the state information network. The network manager may be an individual, company, or, corporation.

The bill establishes the Information Network of Missouri Fund to receive gifts, donations, grants, and subscriber fees to support the operation of the Technology Commission.