HB 0255 Modifies the Regulation & Licensing of Certain Professions
Sponsor:TREADWAY Handling House Bill:MOSELEY
Committee:CIVI LR Number:S1087.04C
Last Action:05/15/95 - 027 S Calendar H Bills for Third Reading w/SCS (In BC)
Title:SCS/HCS/HB 255
Effective Date:August 28, 1995
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Current Bill Summary

SCS/HCS/HB 255 - This act modifies 81 sections of current law relating to the regulation and licensing of certain professions.

Chapter 331 - CHIROPRACTORS - The practice of chiropractic includes both inpatient and outpatient settings.

Chapter 334 - PHYSICIANS AND SURGEONS, THERAPISTS, ATHLETIC TRAINERS, HEALTH CARE PROVIDERS - Several definitions regarding professional physical therapists have been modified, and an extensive definition of physical therapy has been added. The reciprocity, examination, and licensing protocols regarding professional physical therapists have also been modified. Physicians assistants may be issued temporary registration.

Chapter 335 - NURSES - Small changes have been made regarding the composition of the state board of nursing, as well as the examination and licensing procedures for licensed practical nurses.

Chapter 337 - PSYCHOLOGISTS, PROFESSIONAL COUNSELORS, SOCIAL WORKERS - A definition of provisional licensed clinical social worker has been added to section 337.600, RSMo. New sections 337.700 to 337.739 have also been added to regulate the practice of marital and family therapy. These new sections address the use of the title "licensed marital and family therapist", application procedures regarding the licensing of marital and family therapists, the promulgation of rules including the review of said rules by the Joint Committee on Administrative Rules, the filing of complaints against licensed marital and family therapists, the ability of the Department of Economic Development to sue and seek injunctions, the confidentiality of information, and the billing for marital and family therapy services. Lastly, section 337.739 establishes the "State Committee of Marital and Family Therapists".

Chapter 345 - SPEECH PATHOLOGISTS AND CLINICAL AUDIOLOGISTS - The definitions in section 345.015, RSMo, have been modified to include several additional terms such as audiology, practice of audiology, practice of speech-language pathology, and speech- language pathology. New section 345.022 provides for the issuance of a provisional license. Section 345.025 expands the class of persons not regulated by Chapter 345, RSMo. Section 345.030 addresses the promulgation of rules including the review of said rules by the Joint Committee on Administrative Rules. Additional language has been added to Chapter 345, RSMo, to address application for, and renewal of, a license, penalty provisions for practicing without a license, and the creation of an "Advisory Commission for Speech-Language Pathologists and Clinical Audiologists".

Chapter 346 - HEARING AID FITTERS AND DEALERS - The definition section of Chapter 346, RSMo, has been broadened to include the terms audiologist, hearing instrument specialist, and hearing instrument specialist in training. The terms of the sale of a hearing instrument must be stated in the purchase agreement using ordinary English, and the purchase agreement must include certain information and disclosures. Additional changes to Chapter 346, RSMo, address reciprocity between Missouri and other jurisdictions, licensing and renewal procedures, procedures regarding temporary permits, and the filing of complaints. New section 346.120 establishes and empowers the "Missouri Board of Examiners for Hearing Instrument Specialists". New section 346.135 establishes the "Hearing Instrument Specialist Fund" into which is funneled all fees and charges payable pursuant to Chapter 346, RSMo. New section 346.137 states that Chapter 346, RSMo, shall be known as the "Hearing Instrument Specialists Act". New section 346.250 and 1 mandates a 5 year statute of limitations for "disciplinary proceedings against any person found to practice a profession pursuant to the laws" of Missouri. This new section also provides for a limited tolling of the 5 year statute of limitations.

This bill is similar to SCS/SBs 69, 313 and 247.