HB 0224 Transfer & Titling of Motor Vehicles
Sponsor:THOMASON (163) Handling House Bill:
Committee:TRAN LR Number:L0089.06P
Last Action:04/25/95 - SCS Voted do Pass S Transportation Committee
Title:HS/HCS/HB 224
Effective Date:August 28, 1995
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Current Bill Summary

SCS/HS/HCS/HB 224 - This act contains changes to the law on transfering and titling of motor vehicles.

DEALERS - Motor vehicle dealers are allowed to sell a vehicle and transfer the title within the following 21 days if certain conditions are met. An affidavit is required by the dealer and described in the act. If the title is not transferred within the 21-day period, the buyer may request the return of the vehicle within 10 days. The buyer shall be fully refunded.

DOR - Titles (certificates of ownership) must be issued by the Director of Revenue within 30 days, or notices must be sent with an explanation. If the certificate is not issued after 120 days due to nonpayment of sales taxes, the Director shall cancel the registration of all vehicles in that owner's name.

FALSE STATEMENTS - The Director of Revenue can void a vehicle title issued on the basis of a false application.

VEHICLE SHOWS - Dealers may only participate in shows and sales in the city where the dealer is licensed to do business. Dealers of commercial motor vehicles with a gross weight rating of over 19,500 pounds may not participate in shows and sales off of their business premises.

LIENHOLDERS - The lienholder shall furnish copies of the title by telefacsimile when requested by the vehicle owner. The lienholder must release a satisfied lien with 15 days, instead of 30, after the check or draft has cleared.

SALES TAXES - Fee and branch offices of the Department of Revenue shall verify that sales taxes have been paid whenever issuing or renewing a registration for a motor vehicle or trailer.