HB 0212 Osteoporosis Prevention & Education Program
Sponsor:DAYS Handling House Bill:GOODE
Committee:PUBH LR Number:L0246.01T
Last Action:06/13/95 - Signed by Governor
Effective Date:August 28, 1995
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Current Bill Summary

HB 212 - This act establishes the Osteoporosis Prevention and Education Program within the Department of Health. The program shall promote public awareness of the causes of osteoporosis, options for prevention, the value of early detection and possible treatments, including the benefits and risks of those treatments. The program will be funded by available federal funds, appropriated state funds and any funds received from any other sources.

The Director of the Department of Health may appoint an Osteoporosis Advisory Council to assist in the implementation of this act. The nine member Council shall include (1) a person with osteoporosis; (2) a representative from a woman's health organization; (3) a public health educator; (4) an expert in bone and osteoporosis research, prevention and treatment; and (5) five health care providers representing radiology, orthopedics, nursing, physical therapy and nutrition. The members of the council are not to be compensated or reimbursed from state funds for their expenses in performing council duties.

The Osteoporosis Prevention and Education Program shall make educational materials available to consumers, particularly to high-risk groups, through local health departments, physicians, health maintenance organizations, hospitals, women's organizations and other providers. The program will also develop and maintain a list of current providers specializing in services for the prevention and treatment of osteoporosis. Distribution of the list of providers will be accompanied with a description of diagnostic procedures, appropriate indications for their use, and a statement about the current status of osteoporosis research, prevention and treatment.

The Department of Health may conduct a needs assessment to identify the following: (1) available technical assistance and education materials and programs nationwide; (2) level of public and professional awareness about osteoporosis; (3) needs of osteoporosis patients, their families and caregivers; (4) needs of health care providers; (5) services available to osteoporosis patients; (6) existence of osteoporosis treatment programs; (7) existence of osteoporosis support groups; (8) existence of rehabilitation services; and (9) number and location of bone density testing equipment.

This act is similar to SB 31.