HB 0199 Relating to Candidates in Certain Elections
Sponsor:FARNEN Handling House Bill:
Committee:ELCM LR Number:L0746.01I
Last Action:02/09/95 - Bill Combined w/HCS/HB 484 & 72
Effective Date:
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HB0199 Farnen, Ted


HB 199 -- Elections

This bill changes the procedure for election of an office when a candidate dies, withdraws, or is disqualified. If such a candidate was the only candidate or was the incumbent and there is only one other candidate, leaving less candidates for the available positions than the number of available positions, then filing for the office will be reopened until the eleventh Tuesday prior to the primary election or for 5 working days following the death, withdrawal or disqualification, whichever is longer, during which new candidates may file.

If a similar situation occurs after the eleventh Tuesday prior to the primary election, the election will not proceed and a vacancy will exist on the general election ballot to be filled as provided by law. Exceptions to these provisions are provided for the offices of political party committeepersons. In addition, any person who has filed or been nominated for an office and who wishes to withdraw as a candidate due to being named as the party candidate for a different office may withdraw within five days after being so named.