HB 0198 Unlawful Use of Weapons
Sponsor:GUNN Handling House Bill:GOODE
Committee:CIVI LR Number:L0137.03P
Last Action:05/15/95 - S Inf Calendar H Bills for Third Reading
Title:HCS/HB 198
Effective Date:August 28, 1995
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Current Bill Summary

HCS/HB 198- This act adds a new category of unlawful use of weapons. It shall be unlawful to shoot a firearm at or from a motor vehicle while within any city, town or village or at any person or habitable structure, unless the person is acting in self-defense. Such a violation is a Class B felony or a Class A felony if injury or death results. A repeat offender under this law will be subject to increased punishment as a prior and persistent offender. Any person aiding a person who violates this law shall be subject to the same penalties. See Truly Agreed To HB 160.