HB 0197 Flexible Benefit Plan for State Employees
Sponsor:BACKER Handling House Bill:JOHNSON
Committee:FINA LR Number:S0757.02C
Last Action:05/15/95 - S Inf Calendar H Bills for Third Reading
Effective Date:August 28, 1995
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Current Bill Summary

SCS/HB 197 - This act provides that as of August 1, 1996, the Board of Trustees of the Missouri Consolidated Health Care Plan shall annually detail the medical benefit options authorized by the Board as well as the cost of funding each category of medical benefit option. The Board must certify to the Division of Budget and Planning the costs associated with each medical benefit option.

Before the first of every September beginning in calendar year 1996, the entity designated by the Governor to make recommendations on a total compensation package for state employees shall analyze the options provided by the Board and shall make recommendations regarding what portion of the costs should be paid by the State and what portion should be paid by the employee.

This act authorizes the Office of Administration to develop and administer a flexible benefits plan for all state employees. The Office of Administration shall solicit information from all state departments and the General Assembly in determining which benefits are appropriate and prudent to include in the benefits plan. RONALD J. LEONE