HB 0191 Relating to the Conduct of Elections
Sponsor:MORGAN Handling House Bill:
Committee:ELCM LR Number:L0261.02C
Last Action:03/08/95 - HCS Reported Do Pass H Elections Committee
Effective Date:
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HB0191 Morgan, Annette N. et al


HB 191 -- Notice of Election by Mail

Co-Sponsors: Morgan and Scheve

A pilot program of mail notification of registered voters of upcoming elections will be established by rule by the Secretary of State under this bill. The pilot program will be in 4 test areas in the state. The mailed notices will include the date and time of the election, the location of the voter's polling place, a sample ballot, and a statement of whether the election is a national, state, county, municipal, special purpose district, or special election.

Following the election the Secretary of State will determine the effectiveness of the notice by mail and its influence upon voter knowledge and turnout relative to prior elections in the test areas and relative to the same election in surrounding areas. Before January 31, 1998, the Secretary of State will deliver a report of findings to the House Speaker, Senate President Pro Tem, and the Governor with any recommendations for legislation relating to mailed notice of elections.