HB 0163 Relating to Consumer Protection
Sponsor:MCLUCKIE Handling House Bill:
Committee:COPR LR Number:L0628.01I
Last Action:01/18/95 - Referred H Consumer Protection Committee
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HB0163 McLuckie, Steve


HB 163 -- Use Of Synthetic Hormones In Production of Dairy Products

This bill directs the Department of Agriculture to license the sale and use of synthetic bovine growth hormone and establishes procedures for labeling dairy products that are produced from cows that have not received growth hormone.

Milk producers are required to notify dairy manufacturing plants at least 45 days before administering growth hormone or shipping milk produced from cows receiving growth hormone. Dairy manufacturing plants are permitted to refuse milk produced with the aid of growth hormone and are required to report the use of such milk on sales invoices.

The Department of Agriculture is authorized to license dairy manufacturing plants and retail food establishments to label products indicating that growth hormone was not used in the production process. The department is also required to identify states that have comparable dairy product labeling laws and to permit the sale of products from these states in Missouri.

Any person selling a cow that has received growth hormone within 45 days of the sale must notify the buyer of the most recent date the hormone was administered.