HB 0134 Relating to Special License Plates for Certain Veterans
Sponsor:DOUGHERTY Handling House Bill:
Committee:MVTR LR Number:L0201.01I
Last Action:01/12/95 - Referred H Motor Vehicle & Traffic Regulations Committee
Effective Date:
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HB0134 Dougherty, Patrick


HB 134 -- Special License Plates

This bill allows the issuance of a special Vietnam Veteran license plate. Any person who served in the Vietnam conflict and either is currently serving the armed forces or was honorably discharged can obtain the plate. The plate will bear five letters or five numbers or a combination thereof, with the word "VIETNAM VETERAN" in place of the words "SHOW-ME-STATE". The plate will also bear an image of the Vietnam service medal to the left of the letters or numbers. The annual fee for the plate will be the same as the fee required for personalized license plates and other fees and documents which may be required by law. There will be an additional fee charged for each set of special license plates equal to the fee charged for personalized license plates.