HB 0125 Relating to Regulation and Licensing of Dietitions
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Committee:PROF LR Number:L0638.01I
Last Action:01/12/95 - Referred H Professional Registration & Licensing Committee
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HB0125 Backer, Gracia Y


HB 125 -- Dietitians

This bill requires all persons wishing to practice as dietitians in the State of Missouri to be registered and licensed with the Division of Professional Registration. All persons applying for licensure must pay a fee to the division and submit evidence that they have a baccalaureate or postbaccalaureate degree from a recognized educational institution, have completed an internship or other program approved by the division, and have passed an examination approved by the division.

The bill also establishes the Missouri Advisory Committee of Registered Dietitians. The committee will review applications, provide advice and information to the division pertaining to licensure, review complaints and investigations and make recommendations to the division, adopt and publish a code of ethics, and promulgate rules and regulations.

All fees and revenue generated by the bill will be deposited in the state treasury and credited to the Missouri Health Care Providers Fund and will be appropriated by the General Assembly to pay administrative costs incurred by the division and committee.

This bill also contains provisions regarding the services or activities of dietetic students, diet technicians, dietitians serving in the armed forces, public health nutritionists, cooperative extension nutritionists, nutritionists serving in the armed forces, educators, and health care facilities.

This bill contains penalty provisions.