HB 0057 Relating to Crimes & Punishment
Sponsor:KEEVEN Handling House Bill:
Committee:CCJC LR Number:L0010.01I
Last Action:01/12/95 - Referred H Civil and Criminal Law Committee
Effective Date:
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Current Bill Summary

HB0057 Keeven, Ronald P. Hall, Glenn et al


HB 57 -- Criminal Punishment

The bill makes several changes related to criminal law. The bill:

(1) Adds armed criminal action, causing catastrophe, felonious restraint, voluntary manslaughter, and drug trafficking in the first degree to the crimes that are dangerous felonies;

(2) Requires persons convicted of a dangerous felony to serve 100% of their sentence. Current law requires 85%;

(3) Increases the minimum amount of time a person who is convicted of a felony other than a dangerous felony is required to serve in prison, including requiring these offenders to serve life in prison, without possibility of parole, probation, or conditional release, if the offender has at least 2 previous remands to the Department of Corrections;

(4) Requires all offenders incarcerated in a facility of the Department of Corrections to participate in a labor program. The department is allowed to excuse certain offenders. Offenders who refuse to participate may not receive sentence credit for good behavior;

(5) Prohibits prosecutors from plea bargaining with defendants who have committed dangerous felonies or with defendants who have been convicted of 2 or more prior offenses; and

(6) Creates a 10-member Criminal Justice Commission to study sentencing policies, prison work programs, community service programs, death penalty procedures, offender educational and rehabilitation programs, probation and parole guidelines, and the use of closed military bases as prisons. The bill requires the Office of State Courts Administrator to provide staffing resources for the commission.