SCR 002 Relating to AMTRAK
01/09/95S First Read
01/09/95Referred S Rules Committee
01/12/95Hearing Conducted S Rules Committee
01/12/95Voted Do Pass w/SCA 1 S Rules Committee
01/12/95Reported From S Rules Committee to Floor w/SCA 1 (p. 62)
01/26/95SCA 1 S Adopted
01/26/95S Adopted, as amended
01/26/95H First Read
02/02/95Referred H Transporation Committee
02/23/75Reported Do Pass H Transportation Committee
03/01/95HA 1 H offered & adopted (Froelker)
03/01/95H adopted, as amended
03/06/95HA 1 S adopted (p. 296)
03/06/95S adopted, as amended
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