SJR 70
Modifies composition of the House of Representatives and modifies term limits
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Last Action:
2/6/2024 - Hearing Conducted S Rules, Joint Rules, Resolutions and Ethics Committee
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Effective Date:
Upon Voter Approval

Current Bill Summary

SJR 70 - This constitutional amendment, if adopted by the voters, modifies provisions relating to the General Assembly.

Current law provides that the House of Representatives shall consist of 163 members. This act reduces that number to 102 and additionally requires that all House districts shall be wholly contained within a single senate district and no more than three house districts shall be contained within any single senate district created pursuant to section 7 of this article. These changes would take effect beginning in 2033.

This constitutional amendment also modifies term limits for members of the General Assembly. Current law limits each person to no more than 8 years in each chamber of the General Assembly and 16 years total. This amendment would permit each person to serve up to 16 years total in the General Assembly, regardless of which chamber. This provision is identical to provisions in SJR 37 (2020) and SJR 29 (2018).



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