SB 1068
Establishes provisions relating to school board information submitted to election authorities and the Secretary of State
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1/25/2024 - Second Read and Referred S Select Committee on Empowering Missouri Parents and Children Committee
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Effective Date:
August 28, 2024

Current Bill Summary

SB 1068 - This act provides that certain school districts shall submit to the election authority having jurisdiction over the area in which the majority of such school district is located a report containing information including the names of school board members, the length and expiration date of the term of each school board member, and a hyperlink to a publicly accessible webpage on the school district's website outlining the process that a person may follow to file as a candidate for election to the school board. Such information shall be provided to the election authority before June first immediately following a municipal election for members of the school board. Before July first, the election authority shall report this information to the Secretary of State. Additionally, each school district shall report to the election authority information about any resignation, removal, or death of a school board member and a change or appointment made to fill a vacancy on the school board. The election authority shall report such information to the Secretary of State within 30 days of receipt. The Secretary of State shall post on its website a list containing all information received from election authorities under the act before August first of each year.



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